Morning rain clearing for a beautiful garden wedding

As organized as you may be with your wedding plans, there’s one thing that can’t be controlled – the weather. And as much appeal as a sunny day has for a wedding, so does a rainy day. The puddles, the even light, the clouds and the vibrant green of nature all make for beautiful wedding photographs.

The bouquet created for Laura was a labour of love. Garden textures, scents and the colour palette were an absolute delight to work with and it helped to be given a little free creative reign to allow for matching flowers with the style best suited for the wedding dresses. One small token of calm we could provide were a few sprigs of calming lavender in the bridal bouquet – as well as all deliveries running smoothly of course.┬áThe pretty little buttonholes with varied rose blooms complimented the variegated foliage and tied in beautifully with the bridal bouquets. With the rain clearing around the time of the ceremony and rose petals falling like autumn leaves, a union of many different weathered days begins.

  • Style: Garden dusty pink and white flowers