Discounts for almost dead flowers – No Way!

We add a small sachet of flower food with every delivery to extend the life of our fresh flowers

I accidentally stumbled across a blog post on a national floristry stockist website that has me in a huff about the tactics used in traditional retail florist business. You know, the main street, candy floss, plastic fantastic flower shops you find in local shopping strips or in between train station platforms. The question addressed ‘When to mark down slow-selling product?’ … Read More

A Blend of Seasonal Flowers

For us, seasonal flowers means recreating the feeling of the seasons where we live, using mostly the blooms that ‘should’ be available within that time of year.

To Bee, or Not to Bee

We’ve done a little research into the benefits of keeping bees and they far outweigh the obligation of having and maintaining a hive or three 😉 It’s not so much about the sweet, sweet honey for us than our love for flowers and our local environment, mixed with a concern for the plight of bees everywhere that has driven our … Read More

Plastic Fantastic vs Natural Beauty

We all know plastic waste is a huge problem globally. So why is it still acceptable to use in so much packaging for organic products everywhere, especially in food and floristry? To our eyes, we find it bitterly ironic that the plastic, boxes, ribbons and other “fake stuff” used to present flowers on the high street actually detracts from nature’s … Read More