Classic Bouquets Beautiful, Seasonal Flowers with a Conscience Sat, 17 Nov 2018 10:21:44 +0000 en-AU hourly 1 Classic Bouquets 32 32 Discounts for almost dead flowers – No Way! Sat, 11 Aug 2018 08:07:15 +0000 Read More]]> I accidentally stumbled across a blog post on a national floristry stockist website that has me in a huff about the tactics used in traditional retail florist business. You know, the main street, candy floss, plastic fantastic flower shops you find in local shopping strips or in between train station platforms.

The question addressed ‘When to mark down slow-selling product?

Now to be fair, they didn’t actually specifically suggest to markdown old flowers – though the inference was unmistakable…

This sparked a million questions in my mind – mainly; ‘Why are you educating retailers to sell almost dead flowers?’  

There’s no value in this for anyone, especially our customers! It’s not their fault you bought too much stock!

As consumers, we expect only the freshest ingredients in the food we eat for ourselves and the food we feed to our kids and our pets.

When we eat out, we prefer to eat made-to-order meals rather than 5-day old hamburgers and parmas.

Hands up, who in the retail food market, given a fair choice, would pay folding money for last Wednesday’s chicken dinner, when you can have a fresh one prepared while you wait??


So why is this seemingly common practice for retail florists?

Why are we not only offered made-to-order arrangements with only the freshest of flower stock?

What you actually deserve:

Farm-fresh cut flowers (depending on the variety) should provide you with about 2-3 weeks in the vase.

We’ve done some testing to prove this.

However, in our testing, we have realised that some fat stem blooms can cloud and odour water quicker than some other varieties (not always, but often), so we now include a little satchel of flower food to counter this with each bouquet we deliver.

Bringing home flowers that wilt, brown and die three days later is tacky and sad – even for a super cheap price – so don’t risk the buyers’ remorse and buy fresh every time.

Know that our flowers are collected farm fresh on the morning that we make and deliver – so there’s no need to settle for dying excess floral stock when you have the option to give long-lasting flowers to someone special and enjoy them for a fortnight or more in your own home or at work.

Stay Fresh! – Allie xx


This post was originally titled “A’la Carte Flowers, every time” until we realised that the menu itself wasn’t actually a requirement either!

We have a great seasonal range of curated and designed bouquets to make it easier to get or send the freshest of flowers – though did you also know that you can have a custom bouquet designed especially for an occasion or a special personality?

Have a friend that just lurrvves Hellebores? Want to send a bouquet, though your partner is pollen sensitive? Have an occasion but our options just don’t match the statement you want to make?

Send us a request or pick up the phone and we’ll make it up just for you for not much more than our standard menu items, delivered as usual, fresh from the farm.

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A Blend of Seasonal Flowers Sat, 23 Jun 2018 01:21:18 +0000 Read More]]> What does the phrase ‘seasonal flowers’ mean to you?

Most commercial flowers grown today are propagated in hothouses and crops are staggered to be available for extended blooming seasons. Take tulips, for example, once upon a time these beautiful cup blooms were only available in springtime and now they are only out of season in January! Seasonal flowers may not mean what you think and it doesn’t necessarily mean flowers become more expensive over winter, just that the price of blooms has flattened to be comparable in price all year round. Which is mostly good news!

For our Daily Bouquets, we take advantage of all flowers grown locally at all times of the year. We do also include some imported beauties that just grow better in foreign soil, depending on the theme and composition of the bouquet.

For us, seasonal flowers means recreating the feeling of the seasons where we live, using mostly the blooms that ‘should’ be available within that time of year. The design of our Seasonal Bouquets is influenced by our fondness for diversity and colour and to remind the audience that nature blooms differently in all seasons and it’s all to be appreciated and admired.

We also look forward to showcasing an additional Daily Bouquet range for special occasions, calendar events and gifting opportunities – like the ‘Good Luck Bouquet’, the ‘Get Well Bouquet’, the ‘Happy Birthday Bouquet’ and the ever-popular ‘I’m Sorry, Bouquet’.

Each will be designed by experts in the fields of happiness, well-wishing and sincere apology, then hand-crafted by our team wearing big smiles!

Look out for these over the coming months, or get our updates if you’d like to be notified :- )

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To Bee, or Not to Bee Thu, 22 Feb 2018 23:02:59 +0000 Read More]]> We’ve done a little research into the benefits of keeping bees and they far outweigh the obligation of having and maintaining a hive or three 😉

It’s not so much about the sweet, sweet honey for us than our love for flowers and our local environment, mixed with a concern for the plight of bees everywhere that has driven our decision to become amateur beekeepers.

It takes time and effort to maintain healthy hives and an ongoing commitment to do right by the colonies, though we have ample space and the right plants and trees at our home studio property in the Dandenong Ranges.

Tools, hives and bee-wrangling onesies come at a cost and council registrations still need to be done. Once we obtain the right kit and let our local bee-experts pick the right spot in the garden for the hives, we will be on our way to supporting a new colony of bees in the hills, working hard to pollinate our beautiful flowers!


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Plastic Fantastic vs Natural Beauty Tue, 21 Nov 2017 13:12:37 +0000 Read More]]> We all know plastic waste is a huge problem globally. So why is it still acceptable to use in so much packaging for organic products everywhere, especially in food and floristry? To our eyes, we find it bitterly ironic that the plastic, boxes, ribbons and other “fake stuff” used to present flowers on the high street actually detracts from nature’s unique, complex and wonderful beauty.

On the flipside, using select seasonal flowers and different types and textures of foliage, with consideration to colour and contrast means that only natural products are required to make floral arrangements as beautiful as they can be. If more florists took more care in what they hand to customers (and considered the post-use wastage), outpourings of grief and respect like the one pictured here could be instead transformed from a mountain of man-made waste into an impromptu floral garden – creating natural, easily compostable and beautiful tributes instead of a waste nightmare.

To demonstrate this mindfulness, we wrap with 100% recycled post-consumer paper, provide re-useable packaging and strive to minimise the single-use and non-organics in the products we deliver. Our philosophy is that our customers will be even more delighted that the flowers they have purchased to brighten their day or that of a loved one do no more harm than they need to.

Unfortunately, at the current time, flower growers worldwide still package their products in transparent plastic sleeves, printed boxes stuffed with protective ‘pillow-fluff’ and even expanded foam wrapped individual flower heads. We collect a huge amount of packaging waste from our wholesalers – used for protecting delicate roses, orchids and chrysanthemums – though we aim to recycle or upcycle as much as we can so it doesn’t enter the local waste chain.

We have been collecting enormous bags of plastic sleeves over the last few years and we’ve been looking into ways to have them melted back down and made into other objects that we can use within the business such as shelving, padded flooring or watering vessels. With some more research and development, we hope to be converting all of our collected plastic into usable materials towards the end of this year. We’re hoping that as we grow, we can influence our suppliers to provide us with less of this wastage, or at least take it back for re-use.

Stay tuned for updates on our mission to light an alternative path for our industry and usher in a return to all-organic floristry, just the way nature intended 🙂

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