Our Journey

Since 2005 Classic Bouquets has been providing high-quality floral arrangements to discerning wedding clients. In 2014 we started on our journey of business growth,
providing more quality floral products and services to more people in more places. Over these years, we have pondered the realities of the excess waste created by our industry as a whole. Seeing the ugly, lazy side of the floristry industry has pushed us in the right direction.

We aim to be one of only a few instigators of a long-overdue change that our industry sorely needs to stay relevant in an eco-conscious market. The unnecessary plastic wrapping and synthetic foam used in floral arrangements that contribute to landfill is disturbing, not to mention the plastic flowers! So, we have set out to influence our industry to reduce the impact our products, business activities and waste outputs have on our surrounding environment.

To demonstrate this new direction, we collect our blooms direct from local farms, meaning that most bunches come in buckets and don’t require long-distance transport plastic wrapping - those bunches that do, we collect the plastic to transform into other recycled plastic goods. Maybe even some padded flooring soon for our busy feet!

Our bouquets are wrapped in 100% post-consumer recycled paper (no virgin fiber brown kraft paper) We also supply a mix of reused or recycled vases with our subscription flower service and our wedding flower arrangements are created with Bio Foam and resuseable water vessels.

We believe that if our customers know that there is a genuinely natural alternative to the 'plastic fantastic' arrangements that our peers churn out, then they will vote with their conscience and their purchases for a new environmentally aware floristry industry.

Tales from the Studio