To Bee, or Not to Bee

We’ve done a little research into the benefits of keeping bees and they far outweigh the obligation of having and maintaining a hive or three 😉

It’s not so much about the sweet, sweet honey for us than our love for flowers and our local environment, mixed with a concern for the plight of bees everywhere that has driven our decision to become amateur beekeepers.

It takes time and effort to maintain healthy hives and an ongoing commitment to do right by the colonies, though we have ample space and the right plants and trees at our home studio property in the Dandenong Ranges.

Tools, hives and bee-wrangling onesies come at a cost and council registrations still need to be done. Once we obtain the right kit and let our local bee-experts pick the right spot in the garden for the hives, we will be on our way to supporting a new colony of bees in the hills, working hard to pollinate our beautiful flowers!


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